Unfold3D Real Space

Industrial Design / Laser Texturing / Packaging Design

Indie at €29.90/m in Rent-To-Own
Pro at €59.90/m in Renting


Unfold3D Virtual Spaces

Games / VFX / Animation Movies / VR

Indie at €14.90/m in Rent-To-Own
Pro at €34.90/m in Renting


Unfold3D C++ Library

Third Party Application Integration



Rizom-Lab is the worldwide used UV mapping software Unfold3D® author’s company.

Since its creation in 2003 by Remi Arquier, Unfold3D was one of the first commercial software capable of automatically flattening 3D mesh geometries as the same time as preventing from stretching and distortion. Then, it rapidly found its place in the computer graphic industry while being adopted by many freelancers and major studios out there. Also, its core algorithms are now integrated in standard into ®Autodesk ®Maya.

Today, following the path towards an ideal tool set capable of segmenting, flattening and packing UVs without any manual intervention, Rizom-Lab focuses on enhancing our technology, and making it available to 3D artists and product designers within our new standalones applications Unfold3D Virtual Spaces and Unfold3D Real Space, and in a form that can be integrated into others 3D editing softwares or pipelines within our Unfold3D C++ Library.

Rizom-Lab has been created in 2016, and now sells Unfold3D new software in its own way. As you may have noticed, we carefully listened to all your remarks and needs while designing our license model.

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    Tailored pricing

    We have divided users into two categories: INDIEs who earn less than 100 000€/y, and PROs that earn more than 100 000€/y.

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    Lower pricing

    INDIE price for Unfold3D Virtual Spaces is at 14.9€/m in Rent-To-Own. And 149.9€ for a Perpetual license with one year support. VS prices.

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    New licensing system

    Modern licensing system now protects nodelocked and floating licenses without using any physical devices.

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    Each license can be locked to two different machine. Superhandy if you’re a student switching between school and home machines or if you’re a pro, switching between workstation and laptop.

Dear all,

We received some messages of concern today, and we would like to reassure you about Rizom Lab.

Rizom-Lab publishes Unfold3D v10 Virtual Spaces and Unfold3D v10 Real Space software, as well as its Unfold3D C++ Library. Older versions, from the v3 to v8, were published by Polygonal Design since 2004. And the same company still publish the v9 currently.

End of 2015, Rémi Arquier, owner of Rizom-Lab, also Unfold3D’s creator and developer, stopped his business relations with Polygonal Design. A legal procedure has been initiated to act ownership considerations on the software source code. Then, on 2017 September 28, the first legal instance of the TGI in Marseille concluded that Polygonal Design doesn’t have any rights on Unfold3D software in its version 10. Consequently Rémi Arquier remains the exclusive owner on Unfold3D software rights in its version 10, and is entitled to distribute and license Unfold 3D software through Rizom-Lab.

Rémi Arquier is also the owner of the Unfold3D brand which has been firstly registered on 2004 by the Unfold3D creator Rémi Arquier, and in November 2015. Unfold3D brand has never been transferred to Polygonal Design.

We, at Rizom-Lab, are feeling concerned about the confusion that may be created by the situation. Business relations are sometimes complicated and we feel truly sorry that you are involved in this dispute. Our lawyers took required remedies to stop any untruthful communication. We hope that people like you will demonstrate their understanding. We are currently focusing all of our energy on Unfold3D development and are happy to have received all of your super positive feedback on our new Software version.


The Rizom-Lab Team.

Beta Testimonials

Here are some feedback from the beta program which ended the October 1 2017. Most of the following artists are Indies (not all).

While 3 months, they have been outstandingly creative and helped us greatly to debug and reshape Unfold3D Virtual Spaces and Unfold3D Real Space.

The Rizom-Lab team gives A BIG THANKS TO THE BETA TESTERS!

I’m totally impressed by this Software!Rick Seibel‎
I really like what you all have done with Unfold3D VS. It is very powerful. Well done!David Schultz - Red Storm (Ubisoft)
Unfold3D Virtual Spaces is outstanding !Josh Purple
I am impressed, it would seem you have thought to everything.Olivier Gaudreau - Chainawesomegames
I’ve always struggled with UV unwrapping and I gotta say this is by far the best program I’ve used to date so far. It’s straight forward and I’m really getting used to it.Ron Marshall
Been using it since Unfold3D Virtual Spaces beta started, definitely a time saver!Eric Jeffery
Unfold3D Virtual Spaces is perfect for photogrammetry users. Absolutely the best.Ingemar Lundgren
[…] I just want to say that overall it’s very, very intuitive and easy to use.Chris DeThample
I’ve been in the video game business for about 28 years now […] I’ve been a Max user since around 1995, and I started using [Competitor] in 2005. I just discovered Unfold3D Virtual Spaces this week and am really blown away by how good it is. I set the limit very high but [Competitor] just couldn’t load the model. Unfold3D (the beta) loaded everything without a problem, and I pack all of my shells without an issue.Dan Burke
Today was my first day using Unfold3D VS, and I have to say that it is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for creating such powerful software as it really saved me a tonne of work this afternoon.Shane Berezowski
Unfold3D VS was awesome! What an incredible time saver. I love it.James Grimes
Just wanted to say congratulations, fantastic productDaniel Ripley


For support and technical questions related to the software use, please post your request to our team on our forum.